Soros-Funded Prosecutor Faces Contempt Charges In Missouri

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, financially backed by globalist billionaire George Soros, has been moved to be held in “indirect criminal contempt” by Judge Michael Noble. This decision comes after Gardner failed to attend a trial and a hearing concerning an armed robbery case. Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Desilets, who also failed to appear, faces the same charges.

Judge Noble described Gardner’s office as a “rudderless ship of chaos” and expressed that there is enough evidence to support the contempt findings for both Gardner and Desilets. As a result, a special prosecutor is set to be appointed to manage the contempt case against them.

Judge Noble criticized Gardner’s indifference and conscious disregard for the judicial process, as her office has repeatedly failed to attend hearings. In February, Gardner was scrutinized in a case involving a teenage volleyball player who suffered a life-altering injury. Gardner also sought to prosecute Mark and Patricia McCloskey during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, but a judge dismissed her from the case due to inappropriate use of fundraising emails.

The contempt charges stem from an October 2020 case in which an 11-year-old girl was shot. The accused, 26-year-old Steven Linell Vincent Jr., has been awaiting trial for three years. Vincent’s mother expressed frustration with the continuous court appearances with no prosecuting attorney present.

Soros, a billionaire mega-donor, financially supported Gardner’s election campaigns in 2016 and 2020. Despite efforts from Missouri’s Attorney General Andrew Bailey to force her out of office, Gardner announced on March 29 that she would seek a third term. The contempt hearing for Gardner and Desilets is scheduled for May 30.

Gardner’s “rudderless ship” has long been plagued by staffing issues, high turnover rates, and insufficient attorneys to handle the caseload. This shortage has resulted in dysfunction, low morale and a lack of legal expertise to protect the public from dangerous criminals.

Missouri’s attorney general is pursuing legal action to remove Gardner from her position, citing negligence and misconduct. However, Gardner has refused to leave office, claiming the efforts against her are politically motivated and involve elements of racism.

As both Gardner and Desilets face contempt charges, they will be allowed to retain attorneys and seek evidence in their defense. A hearing has been set for May 30, with the possibility of jail time or fines if found guilty.

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