Soldiers Given Shocking Advice From White House To Fight Inflation

As inflation hits record highs almost monthly, nobody is immune, and the U.S. Army recently released guidance for soldiers who are struggling financially: Take advantage of food stamps.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program, known by many as food stamps, is a way that lower-income Americans can supplement their income to give them more access to needed food and supplies.

Many people see this guidance as a step backwards for the military. Some critics spoke harshly of the Biden administration given the fact that America is spending billions on climate change, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, student loan payouts, etc. while not even paying soldiers a livable wage.

“With inflation affecting everything from gas prices to groceries to rent, some Soldiers and their families are finding it harder to get by on the budgets they’ve set and used before. Soldiers of all ranks can seek guidance, assistance, and advice through the Army’s Financial Readiness Program” said Sergeant Major Michael Grinston.

Inflation in America is at its highest in at least four decades as the price of gas, food, and clothing has risen dramatically causing more than 10% price increases even for staple goods. For people in the armed forces, this can hit particularly hard as annual pay increases fall farther and farther behind inflation.

The SNAP program was not the only advice or “guidance” given to members of the armed forces. Other assistance programs being recommended are as follows:

  • SNAP, or food stamps.
  • Financial Frontline, a “one-stop” shop with access to financial educational material that will help you manage debt, plan a budget, learn financial literacy, and much more.
  • Public service loan forgiveness that allows anyone who serves in the public sphere to have access to student loan forgiveness after 10 years of work.
  • Financial assistance from Army emergency relief nonprofit that helps people through grant offers and interest free loan availability.

While all of the ideas and guidance are a positive step from the government and for soldiers, there is one thing that stands over everything else. The U.S. military should not be in a position where applying for food stamps is even an option, they should not be paid low enough to qualify.

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