Social Media Giants Censor Project Veritas Over Video Confronting YouTube VP

Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram have removed a Project Veritas video that showed the non-profit journalism enterprise confronting a YouTube executive over the video-sharing platforms’ recent censorship efforts.

According to NewsBusters, both social media giants claimed Project Veritas violated their platform’s privacy policy which deals with content that could lead to identity theft or put someone at risk of physical or financial harm.

Facebook and Instagram’s censorship of Project Veritas comes after Twitter locked the non-profit’s account on Feb. 3 for posting the same video. According to Project Veritas, Twitter locked the account, claiming it violated its rules against harassment.

However, Twitter quickly unblocked the account and apologized, stating that it locked the account in error. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe tweeted news of the account reopening while thanking Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk.

The saga surrounding the video began when youtube censored an earlier Project Veritas video showing a Pfizer executive admitting that the drug company was considering mutating COVID viruses.

Youtube’s decision to remove the video later led to the confrontation between Project Veritas journalist Christian Hartsock and YouTube Vice President of Trust and Safety Matt Halprin. Hartsock confronted Halprin, asking the Youtube executive why his platform censored the initial video.

Some of the questions Hartsock asked Halprin included if Pfizer was incentivizing YouTube to censor the video and how much Pfizer was paying the video-sharing platform to run cover for them. Hartsock also asked Halprin if YouTube was “brought to us by Pfizer?”

Halprin refused to answer any of Hartsock’s questions prompting the journalist to accuse him of showing contempt for the public trust.

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