Several Oregon Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce New Overreaching Gun Control Laws

Multiple Oregon Sheriffs are refusing to enforce new gun control measures banning high-capacity magazines and mandating permitting systems to buy guns.

Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan called “Ballot Measure 114” a “terrible law” and made clear to residents that it won’t be enforced.

“Unfortunately, we are seeing the passage of Ballot Measure 114, which creates a required permitting system in order to purchase firearms AND bans gun magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds,” reads Duncan’s statement.

“This is a terrible law for gun owners, crime victims, and public safety,” she continued. “I want to send a clear message to Linn County residents that the Linn County Sheriff’s Office is NOT going to be enforcing magazine capacity limits.”

Union County Sheriff Cody Brown was quick to back up Sheriff Duncan when he called “Ballot Measure 114” a violation of constitutional rights.

“As Union County Sheriff, I agree 100% with Sheriff Duncan!” proclaimed Brown in the Facebook post. This is an infringement on our constitutional rights and will not be enforced by my office.”

Brown took an even bolder stance, proclaiming his willingness to “fight to the death” to resist enforcing this particular law, or any law that contradicts the constitution.

“To the people who chime in with me picking and choosing which laws I want to enforce or not enforce! Hear this! When it comes to our constitutional rights, I’ll fight to the death to defend them. No matter what crazy law comes out of Salem!” the Sheriff said.
Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe also asserted that the constitution supersedes state law.
“That is just the way it’s going to be. We have already made that decision,” Wolfe said. “The supreme law of the land is a constitution of the United States, and I believe that this measure is totally contrary to the Constitution.”

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