Schumer Caught By Hot Mic Giving Biden Bad News

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had the misfortune of being caught on a hot mic Thursday admitting to President Joe Biden that the Democratic Party is in trouble in the coming midterm elections.

He confessed that Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for Senate John Fetterman damaged his cause with his unsteady performance in Tuesday’s debate. The senator did say that the fallout “didn’t hurt us too much” while speaking to the president on the tarmac.

Fetterman repeatedly struggled to communicate his answers while dealing with the aftereffects of a stroke suffered in May.

Schumer told the president that Democrats are “picking up steam” in a Nevada contest, though it’s unclear which race he referred to.

Also during the conversation, Schumer can be heard referring to a different state’s Senate contest, and for that one he was not positive. “That seat,” he said, “we’re in danger in that seat. We’ll see.”

And then he threw cold water on his party’s chances in another race as he told Biden that “the state where we’re going down, though, is Georgia. The Majority Leader added “it’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker.”

He then said that the early voting in Georgia is “huge.” This, of course, comes in a state where Democrats have protested so-called voter suppression for the past four years.

The political leaders were appearing in upstate New York to throw their support behind incumbent Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. She is locked in an unusually heated contest with GOP challenger Lee Zeldin in a state that is reliably blue.

RealClearPolitics rates the race as a “tossup.”

Most forecasts have Republicans on the cusp of regaining control of the House after the November midterms. The Senate, however, is up in the air with most predictions calling for a slight majority either way. RealClearPolitics has the GOP controlling 53 seats after the election.

Currently the upper chamber is split 50-50, though Democrats technically have the upper hand with Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.

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