Rishi Sunak To Take Over As British Prime Minister

On Monday morning, Rishi Sunak’s last remaining opponent dropped out of the race to succeed failed Prime Minister Liz Truss, making him the country’s youngest leader to hold the position in two centuries.

Sunak will take the reins as leader of the Conservative Party following a dreadful six-week term for Truss. Her economic growth and tax cut plan failed miserably and quickly, as predicted by Sunak. Truss received the support of Queen Elizabeth II to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson just days before her death.

In a statement on Sunday, Sunak highlighted why he believes he is the ideal candidate to lead the country away from economic ruin.

“The United Kingdom is a great country but we face a profound economic crisis,” Sunak said. “I have the track record of delivery, a clear plan to fix the biggest problems we face and I will deliver on the promise of the 2019 manifesto.”

“There will be integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level of the government I lead and I will work day in and day out to get the job done,” he added.

Sunak’s victory comes after a failed return attempt launched by Johnson. Sunak, who is 42 years old, formerly served as finance minister under Johnson.

Johnson’s surprise bid was effectively thwarted when he failed to win the backing of at least 100 of the 357 Conservative ministers, as required to advance in the contest.

After Johnson withdrew, Conservative Penny Mordaunt remained as the chief contender in the race for prime minister. Mordaunt explained that the Conservatives supporting her decided to unite behind Sunak “in good faith for the good of the country.”

“These are unprecedented times. Despite the compressed timetable for the leadership contest it is clear that colleagues feel we need certainty today,” Mordaunt stated. “This decision is an historic one and shows, once again, the diversity and talent of our party. Rishi has my full support.”

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