Riley Gaines Schools Misogynist Keith Olbermann On Women’s Sports

Liberal loudmouth Keith Olbermann has been fired from more jobs than most people will hold in their lifetimes. That did not stop him from viciously attacking star athlete Riley Gaines, an accomplished swimmer who has transformed into the voice of women’s sports.

Her sin, according to the former ESPN and MSNBC mouthpiece, is defending female athletes from biological males.

Olbermann incredibly lashed out at Gaines by saying she “sucked at swimming.” Further, the misogynist labeled the standout swimmer as a “nasty, stupid [and] unsuccessful transphobe.”

If only he’d bothered to look up her accomplishments before showcasing his own ignorance.

Olbermann criticized Gaines as “second team all-conference.” That was in 2019 and 2020, her freshman and sophomore years. Her junior and senior seasons at the University of Kentucky earned her first-team All-SEC honors.

Gaines responded in a video by pointing out these easily verifiable facts and showed off several trophies in the process. Among her accolades were the All-SEC selections, three SEC titles, second place nationally, and SEC community service award, and SEC female scholar-athlete of the year.

To top it off, Gaines qualified for the U.S. trials for the Tokyo Olympics.

The dustup began when Olbermann, who blazed a trail out of every job he’s ever held, responded to a Gaines post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. He claimed she should speak to the fact that she “sucked at swimming.”

That, he said, was why she lost to Lia Thomas, the biological male who claimed to be a woman and won the Division 1 championship in 2022.

Gaines, who is now the most prominent spokesperson for protecting women’s sports from biological males, responded quickly. “Ah, makes sense now why you got fired from ESPN.”

Gaines was not the only female athlete to take issue with Olbermann’s attack. Paula Scanlan was one of Thomas’ former teammates when he swam at Penn.

She told the former sportscaster, “Your political bias blinds you, and dismissive views like yours embolden men to change in front of us. Why don’t you address the reality that women’s spaces are being invaded and many women are harmed by this narrative?”

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