Republicans Are Projected To Win The Senate

The midterm elections are closer than they may seem. Within barely over four weeks, Americans will head to the polls to determine which candidates they want to represent them in the House and the Senate.

Republicans have been consistently favored to take back the House of Representatives next month. A huge factor in this boils down to positive GOP performances in districts that were either traditionally Democratic or swing areas.

However, for a while, the Senate has been widely deemed as a toss-up, largely due to the neck-in-neck elections playing out in different battleground states.

Still, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is projecting that his party will pick up at least two extra Senate seats next month.

Setting the Record Straight
While sitting down with Meet the Press, the senator and former governor of Florida said, at a minimum, after the midterms, GOP members will occupy 52 seats in the upper chamber.

Scott explained this is largely due to the American people not accepting the radical Biden agenda. Meanwhile, this is the very agenda that Democrats have to defend as they campaign to be elected and reelected into office.

Despite saying that next month is likely to go well for the GOP, Scott warned the party shouldn’t become complacent. He informed Meet the Press that Republicans still have much more work to do as these elections play out.

Before his interview wrapped, the Republican senator likewise pointed out how the party put forward great candidates during this election cycle.

More Bad News For Democrats
The remarks from Scott interestingly enough mirror statements from White House press secretary turned MSNBC commentator Jen Psaki.

Psaki openly stated if the midterm elections end up being a referendum on the Biden administration, then Republicans will win. A statement like this from the president’s former top spokesperson is huge.

It also shows that even some Democrats see the writing on the wall. Psaki isn’t the only one, though. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) is running for office this year and has started to distance himself from Biden.

Ryan, like many other members of his party, refuses to endorse the current president for reelection. The Ohio Democrat was also one of several party members who criticized Biden’s student loan forgiveness program weeks ago.

It’s bad for Democrats when even members of their own party admit the president is a non-starter and a liability ahead of the midterms.

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