Republican Pledges To Pay Late Rent To Stop Democrat From Evicting Tenants

Republican candidate Herschel Walker, who is running for Senate in Georgia, pledged on Tuesday to pay past due rents to prevent “Reverend Warnock from evicting” tenants living in a building in Atlanta, Georgia, that is owned by his church.

After a report on Monday revealed that the Ebenezer Baptist Church — where Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) serves as a pastor — had tried to evict tenants for late rent during the COVID pandemic, Walker announced that he would be paying the overdue rent in an effort to help the tenants. According to the report, some of the tenants were being evicted over as little as $28.55 in overdue rent.

“I have never known a preacher that likes abortion even after birth, won’t pay his child support, and evicts poor people to the street,” Walker said in a press release. “I will personally pay the $4,900 in past-due rents listed in this article to keep Reverend Warnock from evicting these people.”

While Warnock’s church was trying to kick people out of their homes, the Democrat senator was being paid a salary of $120,000 in 2021, and was also given a $7,417 monthly housing allowance. All of this was on top of his Senate salary, which was $164,816 in 2021.

In a statement, National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman T.W. Arrighi asserted that Warnock has “more than a little explaining to do” regarding Ebenezer Baptist Church’s landlord policies.

“While he collects nearly $90,000 – almost two and a half times the median income in Atlanta – from his church as a housing allowance, he was serving eviction notices in the middle of the pandemic for 28 bucks worth of unpaid rent,” Arrighi said. “This should deeply unsettle Georgia voters, not just as a sign of blatant hypocrisy, but of unjust cruelty from a wealthy man of his stature.”

Warnock’s church’s actions are even more reprehensible considering the fact that the Democrat senator has campaigned on eviction protection. Throughout his 2020 Senate campaign, Warnock attacked Republicans for not signing on to federal housing pandemic subsidies, saying that they are “clearly only concerned with serving their own interests.”

“Pandemic unemployment benefits and eviction protections will expire this month. And it’s all because @Kloeffler and Senate Republicans refuse to fight for families. Pandemic relief is at stake in the #GASen race,” the Democrat senator tweeted.

Warnock also spoke during a Senate Banking Committee hearing earlier this year about evictions during the pandemic, condemning landlords for evicting tenants “in the middle of a pandemic,” despite the fact that he was doing the exact same thing.

Walker’s condemnation of Warnock for not paying his child support is in response to a court filing from the Democrat senator’s ex-wife asserting that he refused to reimburse her for childcare costs, which left her “financially strapped.”

Warnock was also accused of running over his ex-wife’s foot with his car. Speaking with police after the incident, the Democrat’s ex-wife said that he was a “great actor.”

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