Rep. Norman Opposes McCarthy — Alludes To Potential Challenger

More bad news looms for GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his goal to grab the Speaker of the House position in the new Congress. In an interview with Real America’s Voice, GOP Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) announced his opposition to the California RINO. The Freedom Caucus member denied McCarthy’s self-proclaimed “speaker-elect” status and reminded viewers that the next speaker would not be elected until January 3.

Norman indicated it would not be McCarthy when asked who the new speaker would be. He alluded to a potential unnamed speaker who is not a sitting member of Congress.

His vague responses suggest that the House Freedom Caucus’ memo that proposes former President Donald Trump as the next Speaker of the House could be in the works.

The memo was published by the National File last month and had been circulating in the House Freedom Caucus. Conservatives hope to use the U.S. Constitution and governmental processes to get control of the United States back on behalf of all Americans. The circulating memo proves that conservatives have approximately zero confidence in McCarthy.

Clearly articulated in the document is the legal and constitutional authority that the House may elect a non-member as House Speaker. Potentially most important is the plan outlined to return the House of Representatives to “regular order” and include the “Motion to Vacate the Chair” in the next rules package. GOP leaders are asked to commit to the plan in the memo and to press forward with an impeachment of President Joe Biden, which McCarthy has refused to do.

Failure of GOP leadership to deliver on critical American issues is also addressed in the memo. The Freedom Caucus wants commitment from members to stop Chinese infiltration into U.S. authorities, take investigations into elections more seriously, address the suppression of free speech and look into the treatment of January 6 political prisoners.

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