Rep. Grothman to Newsmax: Taliban ‘Almost Having Fun’ With Biden

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The Taliban is “almost having fun” with President Joe Biden because of the weakness his administration is showing during the fall and evacuation of Afghanistan, Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wis., told Newsmax on Tuesday.

“The reputation of the Biden administration for being weak is something that permeates this whole crisis,” Grothman said on Newsmax’s “National Report.” “First of all, you talk about him physically and you know the way he handles himself, but secondly you look what happened at the Mexican border.”

The Taliban noticed the growing numbers that have been allowed to come across the border under Biden’s watch, Grothman said, and “they know they’re dealing with an administration that’s kind of weak.”

As a result, the Taliban was not afraid to break its agreement on Afghanistan, but it would have been if the United States had displayed strength, he said.

“Instead, they break the agreement and it’s us who are in trouble, and that’s the problem,” Grothman said. “Plus, it just looks, in general, incompetent.”

Meanwhile, Afghan refugees have started to arrive stateside, including at Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin, and Grothman said it’s vital to be sure nobody is entering the country who could cause problems down the road.

“I think we’re going to have to have you know a thorough procedure at McCoy to try to Americanize them as soon as possible,” said Grothman, comparing the influx to the people who were brought to the fort after the fall of Saigon in 1975.

He noted that the Vietnamese who entered the country became a “positive force” for the United States and Wisconsin, and “hopefully we can do the same thing with the Afghans that are being let in.”

However, it is not known for sure how many Americans remain in Afghanistan, and Grothman said he is concerned that the Taliban is not afraid of the United States in “any way, which means they have their way with the people there.”

“[They are] threatening Americans, are threatening Christians or what have you, and that’s what happens until we re-established the fact that we’re a strong country and you don’t mess with this agreement,” Grothman said.

The congressman also addressed the contention among Democrats over supporting the $3.5 trillion spending bill and added that Republicans are appalled by the plans.

“Obviously a lot of this is going to be paid for with the Federal Reserve printing more money, which means more inflation, more high cost of housing, higher cost of food, that sort of thing,” Grothman said.

“It’s kind of sad to see the once-proud Democratic Party, you know, digressing into these radical left-wing ideas. I’m glad the nine or 10 Democrats are finally standing up, and I hope they have success.”