President Biden To Finally Visit Southern Border

Two years after taking office, President Joe Biden might finally be visiting the U.S. border with Mexico. The president told reporters on Wednesday that he intends to visit the southern border during a visit to Mexico next week.

Biden, who is scheduled to attend the North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico City on Jan. 9 and 10, hinted that the visit could take place before he attends the summit with Mexican and Canadian leaders. He, however, could not share further information regarding the visit as he said the details are being worked out and will be announced in a speech on Thursday.

When Biden was asked what he expects to see when he goes to the border, he replied, “Peace and Security,” before adding, “No. I’m going to see what is going on.”

Biden’s upcoming visit to the southern border comes at the back of Republican criticism over his administration’s handling of the migrant crisis. GOP leaders have criticized Biden for not visiting the border, putting it down to his presidency not taking priority on the issue. On Dec. 6, 2022, he flew to nearby Arizona for a speech but failed to visit the border as he said he had “more important things” to do.

The Biden administration suffered a setback in implementing its immigration policies last month when the Supreme Court decided that Title 42 – a Trump-era border policy that allows authorities to quickly expel asylum-seekers at the border – should remain in place. A federal judge in Washington, D.C., had previously ordered an end to the policy.

In a speech last week, Biden said that Title 42 has to be reinstated in light of the Supreme Court’s decision, even though he maintained that the end of the policy is “overdue.” Republicans believe putting the policy back in place will help curb the border crisis, which has seen a record 2.4 million migrants enter the United States illegally in the fiscal year 2022.

The U.S. has recorded approximately 4 million illegal migrants since the start of the Biden administration. The president is not the only subject of Republicans’ criticism in this case. GOP leaders have also heavily scrutinized the leadership of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The visit would also come amid Republican Leaders’ plans to highlight the administration’s failings in regard to the border. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stood at the forefront of a movement that bussed illegal migrants to sanctuary cities and heavily Democratic areas like Washington, D.C. The political statement saw migrants get dropped at Vice President Kamala Harris’ doorstep.

Even Colorado’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis said this week that he would be moving migrants to New York City as he complained that Denver’s resources had been stretched to capacity.

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