Poll: Warren Trails Potential GOP Rival By 15 Points

While U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (R-MA) has embraced leftist policies that frequently attract the ire of Republicans in her state and beyond, she has been widely popular among Massachusetts’ extensive Democratic electorate.

As she prepares to campaign for her third term in the Senate, however, early polling shows that her appeal seems to be waning.

In fact, respondents to a recent survey by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation determined that Republican Charlie Baker, who previously served as the state’s governor, enjoyed a 15-point lead over the incumbent in a hypothetical race.

Baker, a relative moderate, appears to have achieved the 49% support registered in the poll largely based on his support among independent voters. Among respondents who are not affiliated with either party, Baker received more than twice as much support as Warren.

The poll results also highlighted another significant problem for Warren: a favorability score under 50%.

While the number of respondents who view her favorably is five points higher than those who do not (49% to 44%), more than one-third of those surveyed have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the senator.

Compared to other prominent Democrats across the state, Warren’s favorability rating is particularly low. Current Gov. Maura Healey, for example, enjoys a net positive of 25 percentage points.

Furthermore, pollsters found that she has significantly less support from within her own party than Baker has from GOP voters. While nearly four-fifths of Republican respondents backed Baker, only 56% of Democrats expressed support for Warren.

Another possible impediment can be found in the results of the 2018 election. This was the last time Warren and Baker were on the ballot for a statewide office and, although both won their respective races, Baker received nearly 140,000 more votes than Warren.

Of course, Baker has not yet announced whether he intends to run, but Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance spokesperson Paul Craney said the former governor’s prospects look good.

“Senator Warren has significantly higher unfavorable numbers than her fellow Democrats statewide and that seems to be creating an opening for Baker, who always enjoyed large amounts of cross-party appeal,” he concluded.

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