Pelosi’s Escorted By Security As AFC Championship Fans Boo

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) received a less than inviting response from fans at the AFC championship.

She arrived at the Chiefs vs. Ravens game on Sunday in Baltimore with her husband Paul Pelosi. Daily Mail reported that Ravens fans at the championship game booed the Pelosi as the couple was escorted by security to their seats.

The Pelosi’s have been loyal Baltimore Ravens fans for many years. However, their loyalty does not stem from an average infatuation with a football team. The former speaker has roots in Baltimore that go deeper than just residing in the Charm City.

Her Italian American family is arguably one of the most powerful political families in the history of Baltimore. Several of her family members have served as mayors including her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., and brother, Thomas D’Alesandro. The Baltimore Sun referred to the family as a “political dynasty,” in a 2019 article.

She has also been known to reference a personal story that she claims further solidified her support for the Ravens. In 2022, her husband was assaulted with a hammer while at home. He suffered a severe head injury but upon gaining consciousness he said, “Oh, your mother’s going to be very happy because the Ravens won last night.” She shared her husband’s recovery details during a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper following the incident.

Despite her extensive Baltimore roots and her husband’s sentimental connection to the Ravens, it may come as a surprise that she only considers the team her second choice. In 2013, she said to Capitol Hill reporters, “I am rooting for the 49ers, I am not rooting against Baltimore.” During her CNN interview with Cooper, she also claimed that only after the 49ers comes her dedication to the Ravens.

The congresswoman’s prioritized support for the 49ers may come from her political dedication to San Francisco. She’s represented the district for over 35 years and was even honored with the first-ever Bay Area Global Health Alliance Leadership Award for her combat on policies surrounding AIDS/HIV. It’s unknown if Sunday’s booing was a result of Pelosi’s support for the 49ers or her lack of full commitment to the Ravens.

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