Package Deliveries Could Come Late Amid Winter Storm

A massive winter storm moving across the United States has hit major shipping hubs, causing them to shut down. Hence, millions of last-minute Christmas gift deliveries might be delayed.

FedEx and United Parcel Service called their customers’ attention to the severe weather disrupting their operations and affecting timely deliveries.

FedEx posted a statement to its website warning that the guaranteed delivery date of Dec. 26 promised to those who used its Express service may not be met. This forced change in schedule came after the weather disruptions experienced in the branches at Memphis, Tenn. and Indianapolis.

While the company assured users that it had put measures in place if the weather shuts or idles delivery trucks and cargo planes so that the impact on delivery is lessened, it explained that the safety of its employees matters the most amidst the potentially hazardous operating conditions.

“We recognize the importance of deliveries this holiday weekend and are committed to providing service to the best of our ability by implementing contingency measures where it is safe and possible to do so,” FedEx said in the statement.

The shipping company advised customers to look out for updates through its Service Alerts page.

UPS also released a statement announcing that the weather has slowed down its Air and Ground service. Like FedEx, the parcel delivery company promised that it has plans set to ensure shipments arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible.

It also told customers expecting packages to check its website for updates on their shipment.

The United States Postal Service, too, is experiencing difficulty with making deliveries. The company announced that the storm had caused the temporary closure of 89 of its post offices. It can, however, still manage to make deliveries as it urged customers to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks, stairs, and mailboxes to make it easy for the carriers to make deliveries.

Per a FOX Weather report, over 150 million Americans received a winter weather alert when the day began on Friday. Getting home for the Christmas holiday has been a challenge for thousands of travelers as transportation across the country experienced significant delays in the wake of the blizzard conditions.

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