Oberlin College Finally Agrees To Pay Bakery Falsely Accused Of Racism

Liberal Oberlin College has finally agreed to pay the $36.59 million that was ordered in a court ruling after it supported students who falsely claimed a respected local business was racially profiling.

Gibson’s Bakery sued the progressive institution in 2017 for defamation for backing the claims of three Black students. They had accused the long-time business of racially profiling after they were caught stealing the previous year.

A school staffer made flyers claiming the bakery had a long history of profiling. The incident tells a far different tale.

One of the three students attempted to use a fake ID to purchase a bottle of wine, and two other bottles were stolen. Bakery owner Lorna Gibson’s son, Allyn, chased the thieves outside and a confrontation took place.

The three were arrested, and this led to hundreds of students and teachers protesting outside the business. Many carried signs claiming the proprietors were “White supremacists.” An Oberlin staffer created the flyers with the false claims, and the business suffered greatly.

Gibson’s Bakery previously had catering accounts with the college, but those disappeared along with much of their business. This led to laying off half of the staff and slashing hours of operation.

The three students who were charged with theft admitted they were never racially profiled when they pleaded guilty months later.

In a Thursday statement, the college said it decided “not to pursue the matter further.” On Aug. 30, the Ohio Supreme Court chose not to hear Oberlin’s appeal of the $36.59 million judgment, and the school admitted it has been a painful ordeal for everyone involved.

The school said it was “disappointed” with the court’s decision but that it does not “diminish our respect for the law and the integrity of our legal system.

The now infamous case became a clear example of the dangers of rushing to judgment and assuming guilt based on political viewpoints. Oberlin’s actions caused great damage to a century-old business, and now they are paying the price.

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