New Jersey Has No Room for Migrants

Gov. Phil Murphy says there is no scenario where his state will take in migrants from New York City.

The migrant crisis has made its way to sanctuary states such as New York. With this movement, the self-proclaimed sanctuary state of New York is feeling the demands of the migrants.

Regarding the planned move of migrants to Atlantic City, Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy stated,

“I don’t see any scenario where we’re going to be able to take in a program in Atlantic City or frankly elsewhere in the state. We are already seeing folks in New Jersey that have probably swelled into Jersey from New York City or from other locations, but you need an enormous amount of federal support – resources that go beyond anything that we can afford — putting everything else aside.”

The bottom line is migrants have demands and those demands cost money. One of the largest and most expensive demands deals with housing and food. New York City has been requesting federal funds to handle the large amount of migrants they are getting. Now, the answer is to simply move the migrants to New Jersey.

New Jersey’s answer has been they do not have the funds, the housing, or the resources to handle any migrants. This leaves many wondering what will happen when Biden’s migrants show up to the New Jersey borders.

One of the concerns is the crime rate. Some Representatives, including U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew, have thoughts on the crime right and the migrants being relocated from city to city.

“Those 60,000 people that they talk about, I guarantee you — I will put my name upon it — that there will be individuals who are criminals.”

Crime rates, criminals that are untraceable and undocumented, along with Biden’s eagerness to move them from city to city has many questioning what the answer to this crisis is. One thing is for certain. New Jersey will not be maintaining migrants until a solution is reached.

In fact, without proper funding, no state can take on the migrants to match the level they are entering the country. Even with funding, there would still be a need for proper housing and food without taking that from American citizens. These are all questions that Biden’s administration needs to answer or meet in the middle with Republicans.

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