Musk Clears Air On Apple Removal Threat

Elon Musk clarified a threat from Apple to remove Twitter from the App Store was a misunderstanding on Wednesday after a tour of Apple headquarters with CEO Tim Cook.

A tweet from Musk on Monday indicated that Apple had made the threat of removing Twitter from their app store without explaining why. During the tour, the two had a “good conversation,” Musk said. He clarified that removing Twitter was never actually being considered.

The threat of removal also came from Google, prompting Musk to confirm he would create his own smartphone in a worst-case scenario. Rumors of the removals stemmed from a suggestion from Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic instructor Alejandra Caraballo that warned of doomsday repercussions to Musk’s reinstatement policies.

Free speech and reducing suppression of certain voices on the platform has faced opposition from Big Tech and the media. Colin Wright, Founding Editor of Reality’s Last Stand, a biology publication, sounded the alarm on the reaction of the media and Big Tech. Wright tweeted that people should be frightened by the “rabid obsession for complete narrative control.”

Musk himself has been very vocal on the platform, implementing polls for reinstating accounts and directly engaging opposition. Account reinstatements have frightened liberals as most revived accounts were silenced conservative voices.

Musk has come under harsh scrutiny after layoffs that impacted more than half of the former Twitter staff, which left many bitter. He has also reinstated a number of banned accounts, perhaps most notably, President Donald Trump’s account.

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