Musk Axes Twitter Lawyer Who Suppressed Hunter Biden Scandal

One of the first actions taken by new Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk upon assuming control of the company Thursday evening was to fire the company’s top lawyer.

Vijaya Gadde was the social media platform’s head of legal policy, trust, and safety. She was also noted for playing a key part in the banning of former President Donald Trump and the suppression of critical information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Politico described Gadde as crying in a company meeting after it was revealed in April that Musk was attempting to purchase Twitter. She voiced her concerns then about how the company would change once he took over.

She would recount the story of moving from India to Texas as a small child and knowing her father needed permission from the Ku Klux Klan to be a door-to-door insurance salesman.

According to records Gadde has been a regular donor to Democratic candidates, including a $2,700 check to Kamala Harris in 2019. But it was as Twitter’s chief legal officer and general counsel that she drew the ire of the company’s new owner.

For years she wielded almost absolute power over who was allowed in the virtual “town square” and what they could tweet.

Interviewed by Bloomberg, Gadde explained that former CEO Jack Dorsey “rarely” had anything to say about individual enforcement. Rather, she would “go to him and say, ‘this is what’s going to happen.’”

Two monumental decisions she pushed through are thought to be at the forefront of her firing. She signed off on Twitter’s blocking the sharing of links to a New York Post article concerning Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop just before the 2020 presidential election.

The Post’s Twitter account was suspended for nearly two weeks over the article, which was later found to be accurate.

And she was at the center of the move to permanently ban Trump after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who was also shown the door by Musk Thursday evening, earlier this year referred to the new CEO’s criticism of the platform’s left-wing bias as “noise.” That noise quickly became the slamming of a door behind them.

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