Murdock: Left Hates Musk Because He’s Making Censorship Difficult

Political commentator Deroy Murdock said on Tuesday that the reason the American left has declared its hatred for Elon Musk is that his purchase of the social media platform Twitter is making their ability to censor conservative speech and discussion more difficult.

Murdock appeared on “Kudlow” and told guest host Sean Duffy that “when we were growing up, free speech was something on which the right and left agreed.” He said somewhere along the way, the left “got off of that highway and went down a very dark path.”

He pointed out how Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice have decided that “if parents want to complain at school boards they’re domestic terrorists and must be investigated.” He also gave the example of the handling of the infamous abandoned Hunter Biden laptop where the call was to “true or false, just shut it down, don’t let anybody hear about it two or three weeks before a national election.”

Murdock added, “They hate Elon Musk because he is trying to make censorship difficult in America.”

Since finalizing his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion in October, Musk has been making waves on a daily basis with corporate media figures, politicians, and leftist activists. As a free speech absolutist, Musk has declared his intention to make Twitter into a true “common digital town square.”

As part of his management plan, Musk has announced an upcoming general amnesty and reinstatement of all Twitter accounts that had been suspended for any reason. He has already reinstated the official account of President Donald Trump, which sent shockwaves through all parts of the left. However, Trump has not yet used his reinstated account, saying he intends to remain on his new platform, Truth Social.

Musk has also already reinstated some other notable canceled accounts, including those of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the Babylon Bee, and Jordan Peterson.

Musk has also laid off thousands of employees while prompting many more to quit over their refusal to accept the company’s new work ethic and way of doing business.

When asked Tuesday if he thinks leftists are concerned other social media platforms might follow Twitter’s lead, Murdock said he does. He said, “It’s kind of like back in 1989, when some guard went into the field of Hungary, snipped three pieces of wire and about three months later the Berlin Wall came down.”

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