Mitt Romney is Being Accused of Asking Biden to Run For President

Since Joe Biden landed in the White House, Americans have been bombarded with one mess after the next. Whether it’s the 2021 botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising crime rates, or growing inflation, many people are barely making it with the current administration in charge.

Polls have consistently documented that many Americans don’t see Biden as fit to lead, don’t want him pursuing a second term, but do want him impeached.

One of the most recent scandals that’s hurt Biden is his remarks about “MAGA Republicans” and the optics of him standing in front of US Marines while he made these comments.

As the disastrous nature of the Biden presidency carries on, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is being accused of pushing Biden to run in 2020.

What to Know About the Claims Regarding Romney
In an upcoming book, ‘The Long Alliance,’ centered around the relationship between former President Obama and Biden, Romney is said to have spoken to the latter after the 2018 midterms. Apparently, Romney and Biden managed to build a rapport, due to the former’s dislike of former President Trump.

In a conversation after the 2018 midterm results arrived, Romney allegedly told Biden that he “[had] to” run for the White House. Interestingly enough, Biden’s previously claimed that part of what inspired him to run for office was Trump being in power.

According to ‘The Long Alliance,’ conversations with various allies and opponents of Obama and Biden played a role in the book’s contents.

Thus far, Romney has yet to confirm or deny the assertions that he pushed Biden to go for the presidency.

Strong Public Reactions
Many Americans who support and voted for Trump have weighed in on the allegations made against Romney. Many said it’s typical for members of the establishment to support one another, regardless of whether an (R) or (D) is next to their names.

Others accused Romney of being a Republican in Name Only (RINO), citing his many attacks against Trump that stem back years on end.

Although Romney remains silent about the book’s accusations, the Utah Republican Party has spoken out. Very recently, the party’s leader expressed that it would be a disappointment if the allegations that Romney encouraged Biden to run for office are proven to be correct.

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