Mexico’s Lawsuit Against Gun Makers Just Went Down In Flames

Left-wing attacks against the right to bear arms in the United States are increasing in magnitude. However, gun rights advocates are fighting back.

As credit card companies announce they’ll be separately logging the sales of guns and other related products, GOP lawmakers are threatening legal action unless this decision is reversed.

Recently, the left was even able to get Mexico to bring a lawsuit against gun manufacturers. The argument behind this lawsuit claimed that gun makers are aware their products enable and advance gun trafficking over the Mexican border.

However, in a win for Second Amendment supporters, this lawsuit was laughed out of court.

A Frivolous Lawsuit
Gun rights in the United States are protected by not just the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but also by 2005’s Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

Massachusetts federal Judge Saylor ultimately proved that Mexico’s claims are at odds with the 2005 law’s key provision. The provision in question affirms that gun makers cannot be held responsible for the fallout of criminals using their products to cause harm.

In this lawsuit, Mexico wanted to win $10 billion, arguing that provisions in the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act don’t apply to overseas damages.

Naturally, this now-defeated legal stunt was backed by leftists who are very eager to dismantle gun manufacturers across this country. Since losing the case, the Mexican government has vowed to appeal the ruling.

Bigger Fish to Fry?
The Mexican government has very serious problems that extend beyond what’s going on with US gun manufacturers.

In Mexico, it’s a known fact that gangs and cartels are largely running the show. The nation south of us has also gained a reputation for extensive corruption. Many police officers in Mexico are known to be bought off by the cartels.

Across Mexico, gang wars tend to break out, causing riots, destruction and leaving everyday people fearful to leave their homes after a certain hour.

The Mexican government has put more energy into targeting American gun makers than in fixing its own extensive issues with lawlessness and corruption. Ironically, all the crime and chaos in Mexico exist as the nation has extensive gun control laws on the books.

Gangs, cartels, and other criminals running things in Mexico have never shown any regard for these restrictions.

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