Memphis Cop Sent Pictures Of Tyre Nichols to Acquaintance Following Fatal Assault

As the saga surrounding the fatal assault on Tyre Nichols by five Memphis Police officers rumbles on, reports on PJ Media suggest one of the officers involved in the assault took a photo of the victim and shared it with a female acquaintance.

According to PJ Media, rumors of the assault being personal began circulating on February 3 after a Twitter user by the name of Sir Maejor sent out a tweet claiming that Nichols was in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend of one of the officers identified as Demetrius Haley.

Maejor claimed that the ex-girlfriend, who also had a baby with Haley, worked at the same FedEx office with Nichols. Maejor added that Haley took a picture of Nichols’ face and sent it to his ex-girlfriend.

Maejor later added a disclaimer to his tweet, saying that it was merely speculation and rumor. However, newly released documents sent to a Tennessee state board have confirmed Maejor’s tweet to be more than confirmation.

The documents which were sent as part of the decertification process for the five former Memphis officers confirmed that Haley took a picture of Nichols as he sat bloodied and propped against a patrol car and sent it to at least five people. One of the individuals Haley sent the picture to includes one person who was outside the Memphis Police Department.

The document also revealed that Haley, who forced Nichols out of his car during the traffic stop, did not tell him why he had been stopped or that he was under arrest. According to the New York Times, all the officers failed to activate their body cams even though Memphis PD policies require officers to do so during all law enforcement encounters and activities.

The document also showed that one of the officers, identified as Emmitt Martin III, took off his body camera and dropped it in his car at one point.

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