Mehmet Oz Just Secured A Major Endorsement

In Pennsylvania, Republican Mehmet Oz is in a neck-in-neck Senate race with Democrat John Fetterman.

Previously, polls showed Fetterman leading Oz by a few points. Though as more details about Fetterman’s track record on crime are revealed, his lead is shrinking. The Pennsylvania Democrat’s lack of transparency about his medical health isn’t doing him any favors, either.

Meanwhile, more and more Pennsylvanians are considering Oz to be the better, more reasonable, and most qualified candidate. This is documented by Oz getting crossover support from former Democratic Deputy Mayor Tom Knox.

What to Know About Knox’s Endorsement of Oz
Knox’s status as a lifelong Democrat and the former deputy mayor of Philadelphia didn’t stop him from endorsing Oz.

In a public statement, Knox declared the Pennsylvania Republican is a candidate of integrity and a smart individual. After urging folks across the state to let go of partisanship and support Oz, Knox also stressed that having Oz in office will make Pennsylvania’s communities safer.

This is a remarkable endorsement, especially given Knox’s history with Fetterman that goes way back. The former deputy mayor even revealed he’s met with the Pennsylvania Democrat and likes him as an individual.

Though Knox also warned that Fetterman’s soft-on-crime policies will bring more danger upon communities, embolden criminals, and even facilitate drug use.

Game Over For Fetterman?
Even if voters were to completely forget about the ambiguity surrounding Fetterman’s health, his policies on crime alone are disqualifying.

The Pennsylvania Democrat is now trying to do damage control by removing Black Lives Matter excerpts from his website. However, Fetterman can’t erase his track record of supporting the defunding of law enforcement.

He also can’t erase his past votes for dangerous, violent criminals to be put back on the streets. Aside from his votes, Fetterman also talked extensively about why he believes serious offenders should be released from jail.

With the exception of his efforts to get elected, never once has Fetterman seriously walked back his policies on crime. Meanwhile, the United States is dealing with record upticks in lawlessness. In certain communities, it’s not even safe for Americans to leave their homes after dark.

With Democrats joining Republicans in rallying around Oz, it’s safe to say that Fetterman’s campaign for Senate is toast.

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