Meet The New Gov, Same As The Old Gov: NY’s Hochul Lets Almost 200 Criminals Out of Jail

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New to the job and with something to prove, New York’s new Marxist governor, Kathy Hochul, signed a bill into law that will let 191 more prisoners out of Riker’s Island prison, because New York City’s crime just isn’t bad enough yet. And that’s just the tip of the criminal iceberg.

Hochul claims staff shortages, COVID, and overcrowding are legitimate reasons to let almost 200 of New York City’s meanest back into the population right now, but for anyone paying attention, it’s just another pinko move to pour more worms into the Big Apple. De Blasio and Cuomo have turned Riker’s Island into a meat grinder of violence. “Equity” plans have backfired. Corrections officers are so desperate to get out that they are applying to be NYPD cops. What better time to let the wolves out of their cages and back into the barnyard?

FACT-O-RAMA! A handcuffed Riker’s Island inmate recently stole a bus with six prisoners on it and crashed it into a wall.

Calling it the “Less is More” law, Hochul is letting people out of prison for “petty” parole violations, including missing parole appointments and staying out past curfew. The point of parole is that prisoners who are let out of jail early MUST follow rules or get sent back to finish their sentences.

Parole teaches discipline to those who lack it. It teaches criminals to follow rules. Now, the rules are out the window. And yet people wonder why there’s violence on Riker’s Island and inmates are fighting, partying, and making videos for TikTok.

Not everyone agrees with the new gov’s plan that serving less time is somehow “more.”

“At what point are New York Democrats going to assist crime victims or keep dangerous people behind bars?” Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay told the New York Post. If there are responsible ways to improve the system, let’s make it work. But the pendulum has swung too far away from public safety for far too long. The same people advancing and celebrating every pro-criminal policy are oddly quiet as crime rates soar and bullets are flying through the streets.”

But Wait, There’s More

An estimated 5,000 jailbirds will be eligible for early release under the new law, which means 5,000 more criminals are free to contribute to New York City’s skyrocketing crime rate. And here is the real punchline: The frontrunner in the upcoming New York City mayoral race is yet another Democrat.