Media Ignores Trans Shooter’s Hate, Targets Hispanic Gunman Instead

The media’s narrative halts for nothing or no one, and facts hardly get in the way of pushing leftist spin onto the public. The overwhelmingly different reactions to the transgender shooter’s motivations at a Nashville Christian elementary school and last week’s Texas shooting are telling.

The FBI refused to investigate the Nashville tragedy as a hate crime, even though the transgender shooter left a trove of evidence behind.

Local law enforcement clearly suggested that the trans shooter’s gender identity was a possible motive, and the victims could not have been more targeted.

But to the mainstream media, the shooter’s identity only clouded the search for facts. Outlets such as CBS News expressly forbade their “journalists” from referring to the killer as “transgender.”

It was just over a week ago when 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia went on a killing rampage, gunning down eight in an outdoor mall in Allen, Texas. Despite the shooter’s clear ethnicity and the fact that his parents needed a translator to communicate with authorities, the narrative did not stop.

Instead, the New York Times quoted an unnamed source saying authorities are investigating Garcia for “possible links to White supremacist ideology.”

The newspaper of record reported that the shooter was connected to a racist social media account on a Russian site. It claimed the platform matched the gunman’s birthday and referenced a motel he stayed in before carrying out the horrific attack.

How did the media make this connection so fast? Because it correlated with their leftist agenda, much in the same way that George Zimmerman over a decade ago was categorized as a “White Hispanic.”

Consider the reaction from the Biden White House. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told journalists at a press conference after the Nashville mass shooting that “our hearts go out to the…trans community” and added that this demographic is “under attack right now.”

Nevermind the six who were killed at the Christian Covenant School in Tennessee.

When anti-Second Amendment activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol and three leftist Democratic legislators actually led the mob’s disruptions, there was an immediate response. Democrats across the nation rallied to their cause, especially the two who were rightfully shown the door.

Vice President Kamala Harris even found time to visit Nashville and meet with the lawmakers. No such respects were paid to the six Christians who were mowed down by a transgender shooter, because that event did not fit the left’s narrative.

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