Massachusetts To Spend $28 Million For Illegals’ Drivers Licenses

Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Maura Healey revealed that state taxpayers are on the hook for $28 million to provide driver’s licenses to tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

There are believed to be some 85,000 illegal aliens eligible under the program living in the state. Some estimates put the total figure at over 200,000.

Massachusetts last year joined the flood of other state governments issuing licenses to illegals when voters approved the measure.

A repeal of the statute was rejected by voters in November. The law was originally vetoed by then-Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, but legislators overrode that action.

Republican opponents pushed a repeal effort to where enough signatures were gathered to place it in the November ballot, but it failed there. This cleared the path for illegal immigrants to obtain a state-issued driver’s license despite their legal status.

The newly-reported figure of $28 million is a far cry from what Massachusetts political leaders and open borders advocates preached during the buildup to last year’s election.

Taxpayers were initially told that the cost of providing the documentation to illegal immigrants would come in at less than $10 million. That promise was quickly discarded when Healey’s office announced the new total of almost $30 million.

The new Democratic governor slipped the revelation into a budget memo. “In support of this new law, H.1 adds $28 million in funding to expand service hours at select RMV locations…new applicants will pay the standard transaction fees at the Registry.”

The governor’s office claimed that the revenue brought in by the license fees will “largely offset these implementation costs.”

These driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants have moved to the front and center of agenda items for open borders advocates. It is part of their mission to keep as many illegals in the U.S. as possible, and having these licenses is a sure way to accomplish this feat.

When illegal immigrants are pulled over by local law enforcement, driving without a license is often the first criminal charge that brings Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into the case. This sets up the unlawful driver for arrest and possible deportation.

Issuing these licenses means that in many instances, the illegal immigrant does not appear on ICE’s radar. Which for open border zealots means problem solved.

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