Lowry Destroys Todd’s Abortion Narrative on ‘Meet the Press’

Democrats and their pro-abortion lobby believe they found a winning formula for the pivotal November midterms — charge pro-life Republicans with “extremism.” But National Review editor Rich Lowry shredded this narrative in an explosive interview Sunday.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd aggressively went after Lowry with standard Democratic disinformation about the issue. Apparently he felt that his guest would be intimidated or ill-prepared.

Instead, Todd and his liberal panelists received a lesson in how to combat radical leftist rhetoric on abortion. When confronted with dubious case examples backed up with zero evidence, Lowry simply resorted to facts.

In the examples used, the National Review editor noted that all the states listed have broad health exceptions that strongly protect the mother. And it’s not just life, but “physical impairment” as well.

Another panelist, PBS NewsHour’s Amna Nawaz, tried to draw a parallel between pro-life laws and denial of care for miscarriages — a parallel that does not exist. Lowry quickly put that erroneous example to rest.

Simply put, the pro-life movement does not in any way oppose miscarriage treatment. At best that is a misunderstanding and at worst an intentional and gross misrepresentation.

As the National Review editor noted, even Catholic hospitals that staunchly refuse to perform abortions on high moral principle provide care for miscarriages.

It is very important, as Lowry explained, that pro-lifers know the content of the laws and be able to explain them clearly. There are many false narratives out there being pushed by the leftists, and Republicans “really need to know what these laws say.”

Radical abortion supporters are slowly realizing that the overturning of Roe v. Wade is not the magic wand they can wave over the midterm elections that they once supposed. The truth is, there has been very little political impact on the public’s political stance from the Dobbs case.

Lowry did the pro-life movement a great service by standing up to the hard-charging forces that would have the public believe the GOP is threatening lives instead of trying to save them. The points he raised should be on the lips of every conservative supporter of life.

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