Looks Like Obama’s Birthday Bash Wasn’t Scaled Back Much

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Amusing pictures over at the Daily Mail site today show that, a few days after President Obama vowed to scale back his gigantic 700-person birthday bash tonight on Martha’s Vineyard to limit it to “only family and close friends,” it appears to be full steam ahead with a massive rager, complete with a huge dance floor, rows of tables, and a tent large enough to hold a polo match in. It’s pretty obvious that whatever is going on at the regal $12 million estate paid for by members of the Party of the People (TM) is going to be a bit more elaborate than dinner with friends.

Welp, this wouldn’t be the first time Obama lied about something. The Mail has been watching the airport and logging the names of all the celebrities who have been showing up there. It’s unclear which of them are going to the party, since so many rich Democrats like to summer on Martha’s Vineyard.

Note that I think Barack Obama is perfectly entitled to have a huge celebrity-clogged birthday party outside. I also think he’s perfectly entitled to have a huge birthday party inside, if he wants. (And a tent with walls to foil photographers in which hundreds of people congregate might as well be inside.) But I don’t particularly want to hear Obama or his fans telling me somebody else’s parties are “superspreader events” while their parties are just innocent gatherings of good friends.

The other thing that interests me about the party is that President Biden isn’t expected to attend. Just how much do these two men hate each other? Don’t we have 5,000 White House reporters who breathlessly updated us on everything President Trump tweeted? Why can’t they get us some dish about the very obvious enmity between the most recent two Democratic presidents? Biden claims he’ll be too busy to attend because he’s, er, going to Rehoboth Beach this weekend. Either he wasn’t invited or he snubbed the invite. Either way, it’s news. Are reporters curious about the internal rifts in both parties, or nah?