Lightfoot’s Office Condemns Abbott as ‘Racist’ For Bussing Migrants To Chicago

Chicago’s Democratic Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, proudly proclaims her city to be a “sanctuary” for the nation’s illegal immigrants. That is, until these migrants actually show up on her doorstep. Then her office made a point to slam Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as a “racist” for sending them there.

It was Ryan Johnson, Lightfoot’s deputy director of communications, who hurled the choice words at Abbott. The Texas governor has taken up mayors of three Democratic cities in their offers of “sanctuary” by sending busloads of migrants who volunteer for the ride.

Johnson prefaced his criticisms by saying Abbott is “without any shame or humanity.” That was clearly not enough for the mayor’s office to hurl southward, so Lightfoot’s mouthpiece pulled out the race card.

He said that Chicago has been working with its community partners “ever since he (Abbott) put these racist practices of expulsion in place.” Without the slightest sense of irony, Johnson praised his city for welcoming “hundreds of migrants every year.”

Texas and Arizona would be happy with welcoming “hundreds” annually. Instead, overwhelmed border communities have seen an unprecedented surge of over two million crossings in the current fiscal year.

Abbott responded by noting that Lightfoot enjoys boasting that her city welcomes refugees “regardless of legal status.”

He said that he looks forward to seeing this “responsibility in action” and is glad that migrants will receive services from “a sanctuary city with the capacity to serve them.”

Abbott’s press secretary, Renea Eze, derided Lightfoot as an “absolute hypocrite.” She wondered where the Windy City mayor’s outrage was when the president flew “planeloads of migrants” across the nation and then dumped them out into communities in the middle of the night.

Eze declared that Lightfoot knows nothing about Texas’s busing program, which provides comfort, food, and security to those who volunteer to be transported to the Democratic-run cities.

She noted that, in the absence of federal resolve, her state has stepped up to address the “historic level of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and deadly drugs” that are overwhelming the southern border area. Lightfoot’s “sanctuary” hypocrisy is beyond description.

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