Lightfoot Claims Chicago Can’t Take Any More Texas Immigrants

Border states have been inundated with wave after wave of undocumented immigrants over the course of the Biden administration, and officials say the situation will only get worse after the expected end of a pandemic-era policy making it easier to deport migrants who arrive in the U.S. illegally.

In anticipation of Title 42’s expiration later this month, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott indicated that his state is left with no choice but to send an increased number of migrants to other areas of the country — including Chicago, Illinois.

Despite having embraced Chicago’s status as a so-called “sanctuary city,” Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot reacted to Abbott’s remarks by claiming that there are no resources available to absorb an influx of migrants.

She accused the Texas governor of exhibiting a “lack of consideration or coordination in an attempt to cause chaos and score political points,” which “has resulted in a critical tipping point in our ability to receive individuals and families in a safe, orderly, and dignified way.”

Of course, critics of the Biden administration say it is his border policy that has brought about chaos for the largely Republican-led states along the nation’s southern border.

Abbott responded to Lightfoot’s statement by calling on her to urge the White House “to do its job by securing our border, repelling the illegal immigrants flooding into our communities, classifying the Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, and intercepting the deadly fentanyl that is endangering our country.”

He went on to defend his policy of rerouting a relatively small number of the immigrants arriving in his state to Chicago and other sanctuary cities “to provide much-needed relief to our overrun border communities.”

Furthermore, Abbott indicated that the relocation program will continue until President Joe Biden “secures the border to stop the inflow of mass migration.”

For his part, Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams echoed Lightfoot’s assessment that his city lacks the resources to accept an increased number of migrants and found a way to tacitly accuse Abbott of racism.

“Not only is this behavior morally bankrupt and devoid of any concern for the well-being of asylum seekers, but it is also impossible to ignore the fact that Abbott is now targeting five cities run by Black mayors,” he said. “Put plainly, Abbott is using this crisis to hurt Black-run cities.”

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