Liberal NY Judge Grants Harvey Weinstein An Appeal

Due to his appeal being granted, serial convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein could have a retrial or even have his 2020 rape conviction case dismissed. The 70-year-old former media mogul was recently granted an appeal by the New York State Court of Appeals.

In February 2020, a jury convicted him of committing a criminal sex act and rape in the third degree. While serving his 23-year sentence in a New York state prison, he was later acquitted of first-degree rape and two counts of predatory sexual assault. The dismissed charges came from accusations made against him in the mid-1990s.

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore of New York, who agreed to Weinstein’s criminal leave application, is stepping down at the end of August.

The top court will listen to Weinstein’s legal team’s reasoning as to why they believe he deserves a new trial. This will take place after his attorneys file briefs.

Weinstein still claims his innocence despite alarming amounts of testimony against him. He has been updated on the judge’s appeal grant by his attorney Arthur Aidala.

“We are grateful that Chief Judge DiFiore acknowledged the unique legal issues in this case and we are hopeful the entire court will find that Mr. Weinstein did not receive a fair trial and reverse his conviction,” Aidala said.

Over 80 women have come forward claiming they were the victims of sexual abuse and assault at the hands of the former Hollywood executive producer.

Weinstein rubbed elbows with the celebrity elite for decades and his high profile and power granted him access to use it against many women wanting to break into stardom.

His notable liberal celebrity friends included Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck and many more A-listers.

Weinstein’s prestige and fame were not enough to save him from the testimony from the dozens of women who reported his assaults against them.

However, his lawyers are arguing that the convict did not receive a fair trial and are pushing for a new one now that his appeal was granted.

“Weinstein’s trial was overwhelmed by excessive, random, and highly dubious prior bad act evidence, none of which shed light on disputed issues relevant to the charged offenses,” Weinstein’s lawyers wrote.

As legal paperwork is filed and defense arguments are being prepared, the new fate Weinstein will face is currently unknown.

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