Lauren Boebert Hanging On To Narrow Lead In Reelection Bid

As the GOP continues to be favored to retake control of the House after the midterm elections next month, not every Republican incumbent is completely safe. A newly released survey by Keating Research shows that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is clinging to a narrowing lead within the margin of error.

Boebert is holding on to a two-percentage-point lead among likely voters over multi millionaire Democrat Adam Frisch, 47% to 45%. As recently as July, the same poll had Boebert much more comfortably ahead, 49% to 42%.

Frisch is a former Aspen, Colorado City Councilman. He markets himself as a “moderate Democrat” in the fashion of Joe Biden.

Pollster Chris Keating administers the Keating Research surveys. He has a long track record of working for Democratic politicians. Keating said that his latest poll shows that Frisch’s gains have mostly come among unaffiliated independent voters. Among the likely voters in that group, Frisch is ahead of Boebert, 57% to 32%.

Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is historically Republican, although unaffiliated voters now make up 44% of the entire electorate in the district.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesperson Courtney Parella told reporters that her organization is highly dubious of the recent polling results. She said that as Democrats continue to attack Colorado’s oil and gas industry while “destroying the American economy,” they have “zero chance” of winning against Boebert.

Former Colorado GOP Chair Dick Wadhams responded to the latest poll by saying, “I do not believe it.” He said it is an inaccurate result even though he believes the “pollster is legitimate.” He said Rep. Boebert has a “very solid base of support” and Frisch is from “liberal ski country” and has very little in common with the large majority of the 3rd District.

Boebert, 35, has established a national conservative reputation with positions and statements considered controversial by Democrats and corporate media members in Denver and Washington, D.C.

She and her husband own a local pub where the waitresses open-carry firearms and proudly proclaims her born-again Christian faith. She says that Critical Race Theory is a racist lie and has said on the campaign trail that she is “tired of all this separation of church and state junk.” She has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump since first running for Congress in 2020.

RealClearPolitics currently rates the race for the Colorado 3rd Congressional District House seat as “likely Republican.”

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