Kremlin Says Ongoing Ukraine War Is Against NATO

Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said recently that beyond what is shown on screens and reported by the media, Russia is fundamentally not at war with Ukraine. Patrushev claimed that, in reality, the Russian military is facing all of NATO in Ukraine.

Patrushev further explained that the clash between Moscow and Kiev is essentially a confrontation between the Russian forces and NATO.

Patrushev claimed that the organization’s powerhouses will push the Ukrainian fighters to death, indicating that the U.S. and Britain are directly involved with the Ukrainian forces.

Patrushev continued by describing Russia’s military as only concerned with emancipating its regions from being exploited by the West. He suggested that the Western powers are on a mission to experiment and destroy the people of Ukraine.

“We are not at war with Ukraine because we can’t have hatred for ordinary Ukrainians by default,” he emphasized.

Russia and Ukraine have a closely-knit heritage and history. Patrushev called on Ukraine to understand that the war’s end may come when they realize the West exploits them to attack Russia.

Patrushev highlighted vital areas where Russia and Ukraine share values. He stated that the Ukrainian language is one of the official languages in Crimea and the Ukrainian cultural centers, folk songs and dance groups continue to exist in several Russian cities.

However, NATO condemned the war between Russia and Ukraine, blaming Russia’s activities as “Brutal and Unprovoked.”

Ukraine, a close NATO ally, has continued to receive tremendous support from NATO. NATO’s support is helping the nation uphold its fundamental right to defend itself.

There’s a hint among leading NATO countries commencing the transfer of Western tanks and troop carriers to the Ukrainian battlefield. France led the way as the first nation to supply tanks; now, Britain is considering sending tanks to Ukraine.

Although, the U.S. has been hesitant to be drawn into the tank-fund-me by Ukraine, with fears that a large arsenal would lead to a full-blown NATO-Russia confrontation. However, NATO’s activities have resulted in a candid response from the Kremlin saying a “red line” has been crossed.

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