Kari Lake Gives Perfect Example For Pro-life Republicans

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake clapped back at a reporter who attempted to corner her on the issue of abortion.

During a speaking event at the RNC Hispanic Community Center in South Phoenix, the reporter questioned Lake about her stance on abortion.

“Tell me, if abortion is effectively banned in the state right now, tell me, is that something that you support?” the reporter asked.

Lake, who is known for her firebrand attitude and strong responses to the media, answered by flipping the question around to attack her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state.

“I support saving as many lives as possible,” Lake responded. “And what I really want to know, and I’ve been waiting — I tune into you guys all the time — I want to know where Katie Hobbs stands. But I never hear you guys ask her that.”

“I’m pro-life,” she added. “My plan would be that every woman who walks into an abortion clinic know that there are options out there, they don’t have to choose that. There’s families who would love to adopt a baby. And right now, the way it’s been going, they go in and they only have one option. Nobody tells them that there’s other options.”

While Lake answered the reporter’s question, the essential part of her response was how she scolded the media for attacking her about her abortion stance while not even trying to ask the same questions of her opponent. Instead of simply regurgitating Republican talking points, the gubernatorial candidate demanded that the media actually get the specifics about Hobbs’ position on abortion and what limitations, if any, the Democrat would place on the practice.

“We want to help our women,” Lake said. “If they’re afraid we want to help them. We want to give women health care. And I want to help people. But I really challenge you, and I’m happy to get back to you on this when you find out where Katie Hobbs stands. Because let me tell you where she stands. She supports abortion right up until birth and after birth. She supports if a baby survives a botched abortion that that baby die on a cold metal tray. And none of you ever try to get her to try to talk about her stance. So get back to me after you do.”

Hobbs still refuses to even debate Lake, claiming that she’s a “conspiracy theorist.” Lake claims Hobbs is just “afraid” of her.


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