Kari Hobbs Charging Hard In Arizona Against Corporate Media And Democrat Opponent In Hiding

Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake is turning up the heat on the corporate media and her leftist Democrat opponent as the November election draws near. The Trump-endorsed MAGA candidate has spent her professional career in communications and she is demonstrating her natural ability to shred progressive narratives and dishonest cowardice without mercy.

Her latest takedown of a reporter happened shortly after Joe Biden’s blatantly fascistic speech last Thursday in which he declared that all MAGA Republicans are a “threat to American democracy.”

After Lake said that Biden’s rhetoric was harmful and only served to divide the country, a reporter asked, “Do you feel Donald Trump is doing the same by falsely telling people he won that election when he lost it?”

Lake quickly rejected the premise of the question, pointing out that every American has a First Amendment right to question the results of any election. She pointed out irregularities in the 2020 elections in Georgia and Pennsylvania in addition to Arizona, where unattended ballot drop-boxes were just one of many issues that arose when votes were being counted.

Lake went on to point out how reporters are hypocritically condemning anyone who questions election procedures now after the aggressive media approach to the 2016 election. She told the reporter, “Nobody told you to shut up. Nobody tried to tell Hillary Clinton to shut up. Nobody tried to tell Kamala Harris when she was questioning the legitimacy of these electronic voting machines to stop. We have freedom of speech in this country.”

Lake also had sharp criticism for her Democrat rival Katie Hobbs last week when the current Arizona Secretary of State refused to debate Lake in a public forum before the election.

Hobbs begged off by having her campaign issue a statement that she would not participate in a debate that would make the state “the butt of late-night TV jokes and national ridicule.”

Lake posted a video in response saying Hobbs is “terrified” that she might “bring up the fact that she is a twice-convicted racist, and that her racism cost Arizona taxpayers nearly $3 million.” Lake said that she gave Hobbs the power to select the date, time, and moderator for a debate, and even offered to let her write all the questions.

Lake said Hobbs would “rather hide from the voters and let Soros and other dark money groups pour millions of dollars in attack ads against me.”

According to polling conducted during the last week of August by the Trafalgar Group, Lake leads Hobbs among likely Arizona voters, 46.5% to 45.8%.

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