Journalists Equates MAGA Movement to Confederacy, White Christian Nationalism

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin attacked the “MAGA movement” and equated it with the Civil War Confederacy and “extreme White Christian nationalism.”

In her Wednesday column, Rubin charged that the movement will, if left unchecked, lead to “violence, cruelty, and lawlessness.” Her words follow similar though less specific commentary made recently by President Joe Biden against “MAGA Republicans.”

The columnist said that the GOP managed to do what the Confederacy never did, which was storm the Capitol waving rebel flags. She said that both “pine for a fraudulent past” that recasts racism as “honor, masculinity, and military virtue.”

Rubin also denigrated the MAGA movement for its “fraudulent” attack on critical race theory in an attempt to “rewrite the history of race.” Which is remarkably similar to exactly what CRT advocates are trying to do.

Sticking with her theme of race, the Washington Post columnist charged that Jim Crow defenders put up monuments to traitorous secessionists to “exonerate Whites and to recast them as noble victims.”

Much to the delight of many leftist Democrats, the president has come out swinging against his opposition. A far cry from his promise of “healing” and “uniting” the country, Biden gave one of the most divisive speeches by a chief executive in the nation’s history just over a week ago in Philadelphia.

This, of course, was delivered against an ominous red glowing backdrop with uniformed Marines standing behind the commander in chief.

After previously labeling the bedrock philosophy of many in the GOP as “semi-fascism,” he also labeled Republicans as “threats” to the Republic as they tout former President Donald Trump’s “extreme ideology.”

There was a time when Biden avoided mentioning Trump by name, but that time has certainly passed. Now it’s a daily mission to hurl accusations at MAGA Republicans for being a danger to the nation.

At two Labor Day events in battleground states, the president slammed Republicans for putting the country on a “sliding path of oblivion.” It is clearer by the day, though hardly surprising, that the radical leftist media has taken Biden’s talking points and made them their own.

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