John Bolton May Run For President, Called Trump ‘Un-American’

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton is considering a bid for the 2024 presidential elections. On Monday night, he told NBC that he would consider running to stop former President Donald Trump from an anticipated return to the White House. But Bolton is waiting to see if any other potential GOP candidates step up to the plate first.

In an Interview with Meet the Press Now, Bolton called for other GOP presidential contenders to step into the light and speak out quickly. His urgent message comes on the back of the former president’s social media statement over the weekend about the constitution and a possible re-do of the 2020 election. Bolton declared that it was un-American to stand in defiance of the Constitution.

“When you challenge the constitution itself, the way Trump has done — that is un-American,” he said. The former advisor stood confused about why potential GOP candidates weren’t already speaking out on the controversial statement made by Trump. He claims that 95% of people disagree that Donald Trump is more important than the constitution. Bolton believes those who haven’t spoken up are intimidated by the 2024 candidate.

Concluding the interview, Bolton says, “this is serious business.” He’s right; it is serious business. It would be nice if Bolton would step back and examine the context of what the former president said.

Trump’s controversial statement came after the ‘Twitter Files’ was released. The documents revealed that speech and voter suppression run rampant on the platform, which suggested a direct impact on the election results in 2020. Trump referenced the constitution in reference to massive fraud and deception that spread all over the nation and the world. He urged for wrongs to be made right and told Americans they did not have to accept the election outcome.

Bolton has a history with the former president. He served as Trump’s national security advisor from 2018-2019 but was fired after the pair reportedly disagreed over handling the Taliban and trade negotiations in China. Since leaving the administration, the former diplomat has been critical of Trump. Bolton profited from his perceived experience in his 2020 book and implicated the former president’s alleged obstruction of justice.

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