Joe Biden Warns Armageddon Is Near

Joe Biden got into the White House on the promises of turning down the temperature and stabilizing leadership in general. Unfortunately, these promises have not panned out. If anything, the polar opposite outcomes are happening with Biden and his team running things.

Right now, the economy, the southern border, and public safety are significantly worse off than they were before Biden took office. The same can also be said for foreign policy matters, especially when it comes to America’s standing on the world stage.

American allies have lackluster confidence in Biden, at best. This was demonstrated when the leader of South Korea was overheard swearing about Biden and US lawmakers on a hot mic. Meanwhile, our nation’s enemies continue to make various threats.

Look no further than recent remarks about the West from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Amid tensions with Russia, Joe Biden recently warned America is closer to “Armageddon” than we have been in decades.

The Latest From Biden on Armageddon
During a New York campaign event for Senate Democrats, the president chose to speak about growing issues surrounding the war in Ukraine.

According to Biden, Putin’s rhetoric about potentially using biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons to turn the war back in Russia’s favor isn’t a joke. In September, the Russian president warned if Russia’s “territorial integrity” comes under siege, it will unleash different “means of destruction.”

Biden didn’t seem to have a firm response to this. Though while campaigning for Senate Democrats, the president expressed there’s no scenario where the use of tactical weapons could occur without the situation spiraling into Armageddon.

A Preventable Crisis
With Russia suffering more and more losses in the war against Ukraine, the possibility of Putin ordering nuclear weapons use is very much alive.

However, there is also a school of thought that says if Biden handled foreign policy issues in a more appropriate manner last year, the war in Ukraine may have never happened.

Biden has been repeatedly slammed for the botched way in which he chose to remove US troops from Afghanistan. Against the advice of Biden’s own aides, he pulled out troops before first evacuating US citizens and allies.

The end result of this led to the Taliban not only coming back into power, but also getting a hefty supply of American military-grade weapons.

In the months since this transpired, the messy US departure from Afghanistan has been widely speculated as a factor that motivated Putin to launch an incursion against Ukraine.

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