Joe Biden Once Claimed to Have Been Arrested for Trespassing at U.S. Capitol

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When he was 21 years old, Joe Biden was arrested for trespassing at the U.S. Capitol—at least, that’s what he claimed during a 2007 interview with David Letterman.

In response to a question from Letterman about what it was like walking into the Senate chamber after being elected at the age of 29, Biden relayed his tale that while he was visiting friends at Georgetown University, and because he was “fascinated with the Senate,” he decided to visit Washington. “I walked up—in those days, no guards stopping you everywhere. And they just got out of session. I walked in the back. All of a sudden I found myself in the chamber and I was stunned. I walked up, sat down in the presiding officer’s seat, guy grabbed by the shoulder, said: ‘you’re under arrest,’” Biden said.

In 2007, Biden claimed he was arrested at the U.S. Capitol for trespassing.

— Matt Margolis (Gab/MeWe/Heroes: @MattMargolis) (@mattmargolis) February 22, 2021

Some might say there’s a bit of irony here as Joe Biden is arguably describing a crime similar to what many who participated in the assault on the Capitol have been arrested for. But the real question here is not whether Joe Biden’s crime is comparable to what happened on January 6 (it arguably is not) but whether it actually happened. Here’s where things get a little bit too cute for reality. See, Biden’s story didn’t end with his alleged arrest. According to Biden, “Literally nine years later, as I walked onto the Senate floor through the same door, that same guy, cop, said to me, ‘Senator, you remember me?’ I said, ‘geez, I don’t.’ He said, ‘I arrested you nine years ago…welcome back.’”

Sure. Okay.

As Fox News noted, Joe Biden “has been caught bragging about other arrests that turned out not to be true.”

Most notably, Biden once claimed he was arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in South Africa during the apartheid era. He later backtracked saying that by “arrested,” he meant he was “not able to move.”

“(The) cops would not let me go with them and told me to stay where I was. I guess I wasn’t arrested, I was stopped, I was not able to move where I wanted to go,” Biden said on CNN.

Biden has often told yarns involving his life story. In addition to arrests that never happened he also falsely claimed that his first wife Neilia and infant daughter were killed by a drunk driver, when in fact, his wife was likely at fault in that accident. Biden has never apologized for that lie, despite the family of the man in the accident calling on him to do so.