Jim Jordan Attacked For Saying Only Americans Should Vote In American Elections

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) came under heavy fire for stating that voting power in America should be reserved for Americans only.

It started with House Joint Resolution 24, which saw the District of Columbia Council’s approval of the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2022 struck down. The bill was poised to make non-citizens a part of municipal elections as long as they have lived in Washington for six months.

162 House Democrats voted to allow non-citizens to vote in Washington, D.C., elections, while 42 Democrats sided with all 218 Republicans who voted against the bill. Republicans successfully overturned the bill in a 260-162 vote. But Jordan was still dissatisfied with the volume of Democrats who stood up for such a ridiculous move.

In reaction to the vote, Jordan tweeted, “Yesterday, 162 Democrats voted to allow illegal aliens vote in elections in Washington D.C. Ridiculous.”

The lawmaker completed his remark, writing, “Only AMERICANS should vote in AMERICAN elections.”

The common-sense tweet made Jordan a target of criticism by Twitter users who did not agree that only Americans should be allowed to vote in American elections.

“So if people live there, pay taxes there and support the businesses there, you don’t think they should have a say in their government?” a user wrote.

A second user decided to extend the war to all Republicans. “Another day, another ridiculous distortion designed to radicalize the low-information pawns in GQP’s war on common sense.”

A different user took another route, saying, “Since when do you care about people voting in actual elections?”

A good portion of users sided with him, with one saying, “Why does this even need to be discussed? Of course only Americans should be allowed to vote in American elections.”

Another tweeted, “Exactly. Chinese don’t go vote in Japan or Russian citizens don’t go vote in Canada.”

“You are 100% right,” a third supporter wrote. “Our elections are not international free-for-alls. Only Citizens have the right to vote. Opening voting to anyone means we have no country.”

The decision is not in the hands of Twitter users, however. After the resolution to reject the bill was approved in the House, it will go to the Democrat-controlled Senate, where the decision will be made on how this proceeds. Next stop after the Senate is President Joe Biden’s desk.

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