Hurricane Ian’s Aftermath Leaves A Long Road Ahead

Last month, Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida, leaving significant portions of the state struggling. Some folks lost everything, including their lives. Others have been forced to rebuild from what remains and otherwise move forward.

Unfortunately, the White House’s response to Hurricane Ian has been nothing short of terrible. Joe Biden, in the days leading up to Ian, claimed that people could run into complications if they didn’t prepare for Ian by getting COVID vaccines.

Later, Biden’s vice president said relief measures would be distributed on the basis of “equity” and go primarily toward communities of color. On both occasions, aides of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) had to correct the White House and inform them that support will be given, regardless of someone’s vaccination status or race.

Meanwhile, a lot of work remains in recovering from this hurricane. This applies to not just Florida, but also North Carolina and South Carolina.

Boots on the Ground
Collectively, the cost of recovery across all three states is projected to reach tens of billions of dollars. Blackouts, destroyed homes, businesses, and other property items are quickly adding up. In some communities, damages are still being assessed and documented.

Since largely passing through Florida, Hurricane Ian is subsequently making waves in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Reports furthermore indicate that Maryland and West Virginia are likely to experience some serious rain.

However, DeSantis, along with governors in other impacted states, is hard at work to assist with relief efforts. In the case of the Florida governor, he’s made meals for first responders, met with people who lost their homes and made it clear that law and order will continue to be upheld.

Thus far, loss of life is still being documented in states that suffered the worst impacts of Hurricane Ian. In Florida, deaths are logged at 50. In North Carolina, at least four people perished from the storm. South Carolina hasn’t documented any hurricane-related deaths thus far.

More Antics From the White House?
This upcoming Wednesday, Biden will be visiting Florida in order to observe the damages caused by the hurricane. Though, the president hasn’t publicly commented on his remarks about COVID-19 vaccines and Ian.

Biden also has yet to publicly rebuke his vice president’s claims that communities’ racial makeup will determine where federal aid goes.

Ahead of the president’s Wednesday visit to Florida, he’ll be in Puerto Rico on Monday to assess weather-related damages.

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