Hispanic Democratic NYC official: My party needs stop protecting criminals instead of citizens; GOP is ‘looking better and better’

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Ruben Diaz Sr. is a Democratic New York City councilman and the father of Samuel Diaz, who was reportedly stabbed in the head and neck by Alexis Dubouchet, a career criminal with nearly two dozen prior arrests, according to the New York Post.

The alleged perp was freed on bail, and now officials believe he murdered someone while waiting to go on trial in the Diaz case.

Councilman Diaz has had it with his party’s determination to protect criminals instead of Gothamites. So, in a piece for the Post, the Hispanic official ripped fellow Democrats and warned that every day the Republican Party is looking more appealing to many traditionally Democratic voters.

“You should know that due to ongoing efforts by New York Democrats to support criminals instead of our community, the Republican Party is looking better and better to many Hispanic voters,” he began.

Diaz then begin to rip into Hispanic Democrats in the state legislature who “have voted to release career criminals and drug addicts into our streets with no deterrents in place,” which, he noted, puts their communities in danger.

“Thanks to these Democrats,” he added, criminals see attractiveness of lawlessness — and New Yorkers are seeing it on their TVs every day.

“Each night, as we watch any news station, we get to see video clips of fellow New Yorkers getting beaten, robbed, molested and pushed in front of subways,” Diaz wrote. “On the chance that any of these perpetrators are arrested, the revolving doors at the courthouses let them out right away to continue to wreak havoc.”

He then told Democrats to look in the mirror when it comes to IDing the “real culprits” and to not “point the finger at judges and district attorneys.”

It was “Democratic elected officials who voted to support what they call ‘bail reform,'” he said, adding, that, unlike the GOP, Democrats “remain determined to protect criminals — not us.”

“Government’s first responsibility is to protect its people,” Diaz wrote. “Our government is not protecting us. Our Democratic elected officials have apparently turned their backs on our families and business owners.”

Then he reminded readers how Democrats have treated the police:

Don’t forget that before New York’s Democrats voted to defund the police, they remained unabashedly silent as a “disrespect the police” movement grew.

The brave men and women in the NYPD have been further threatened with violence by fearless criminals who have nothing to worry about from the court system. The law, as recently amended by New York’s Democrats, is on their side: The police are no longer able to get the guns off the street, and they are no longer able to take the gunmen off the street.
“As a Pentecostal minister who believes in redemption, and as someone who has been given a second chance, I don’t believe it is responsible at all to enable this unchecked criminal activity,” he closed. “If the Democrats don’t immediately correct the situation, our Hispanic voters will know to turn to the Republicans for help.”