Hillary Gives History Lesson Comparing Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

Hillary Clinton continues her fight to stay relevant.

Her weapon of choice was a common left-wing talking point that Trump supporters have become all too familiar with.

Bill Clinton’s better half took to the stage at the Texas Tribune Festival to give a history lesson comparing Trump supporters to Nazis.

“I remember as a young student, you know, trying to figure out how people got basically brought in by Hitler. How did that happen?” Clinton asked the crowd.

“I’d watch newsreels and I’d see this guy standing up there ranting and raving, and people shouting and raising their arms. I thought, ‘What’s happened to these people?’”

The former Secretary of State then went on to insinuate that raising your hands over your head when cheering somehow makes you a white supremacist.

“We saw the rally in Ohio the other night,” began Clinton in reference to the MAGA event in Youngstown, Ohio last weekend. “Trump is ranting and raving for more than an hour, and you have these rows of young men with their arms raised.”

Ever notice how Democrats seem to always accuse Republicans of the exact thing they themselves are guilty of?

It’s been Democrats like Maxine Waters commanding the angry left-wing mobs to destroy, loot, and in many cases murder.

Democrats incessantly rant about the “dangerous white supremacist sect of the GOP,” or whatever the talking point of the day is.

Clinton wasn’t the only one at the festival to compare the Trump faithful to the third reich.

Sen. Anna Kaplan (D-NY) painted a horrifying image of the Youngstown gathering.

“Supporters were urged to hold up their right hands in a unified salute that should shock the conscience of every American for its remarkable similarity to the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute used by the Nazis,” said Kaplan.

Clinton has repeatedly denied the possibility of another presidential run.

“No, No,” was her response to that very question in an interview with CBS News earlier this month.

The Clinton Global Initiative returned after a six year hiatus. Bringing back the “signature event” of the Clinton Foundation represents the actions of what someone would do if he or she were trying to raise large quantities of money, say for a political campaign.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is out of the question with Hillary Clinton.

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