Giuliani to Newsmax: Biden, Obama, Clinton ‘Politicized’ 9/11 Ceremony

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New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, deemed “America’s Mayor” after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in Manhattan, on Saturday during an appearance on Newsmax TV looked back on the tragedy but also railed against Democrat ex-Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as President Joe Biden, for their foreign policy actions in the Middle East and for being at the 20th-anniversary remembrance ceremonies at Ground Zero.

“Seeing those three presidents together, Clinton, who encourage this by not doing a thing about [Osama] bin Laden, Obama, who gave hundreds of millions to Iranian terrorists so they could kill people, and Biden, who just got Americans killed….they were up front,” Giuliani told Newsmax. “It was a completely politicized event. This event has never been politicized before.”

He added that, except for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and “actually, he came later on that day. Not a single one of them was there.”

Giuliani also recalled the role former President George W. Bush played after the attacks, and the cooperation that was reached between the state, local, and federal governments in working on the recovery efforts.

“By the end of the day, [Bush] had sent FEMA search and rescue teams,” said Giuliani, and after he and then-Gov. George Pataki decided to work together to avoid “bickering and bureaucratic problems,” Bush “put his team right in with ours.”

“So starting the next morning, it was just one team,” Giuliani recalled.

“These other emergencies, when they go wrong, the governor is fighting with the mayor, and they’re all fighting with the president…George [Pataki] realized we don’t have time for that, so immediately, we decided, for three months, we’re going to have staff meetings together. Let them fight it out right there.”

Bush also played a critical role because “when he hit Afghanistan, he sent them on the defense,” said Giuliani.

“Bill Clinton had been sending them the wrong signals for 2.5 years,” said the former mayor. “Obama recreated Al Qaeda, and now Biden is doing the same thing with the Taliban.”

Giuliani also said Saturday that when he looks at Ground Zero, he sees the World Trade Center before it was built.

“I had an office just about right here, an undercover office, and we would go to the window and we were relaxing [while] they were building the World Trade Center and they only had a foundation,” he recalled. “It was amazing to me how deep in the ground they went.”

He also recalled the evacuation efforts from the World Trade Center towers, including when he was told by a New York Fire Department chief.

“He said to me, my guys can save everybody below the fire, and they did,” said Giuliani. “The evacuation was the best in history…they did a miracle in getting out the number of people they got out and they did it by giving their lives.”

But, moving back to Biden, Giuliani said the first responders on 9/11 “didn’t abandon the civilians the way Biden just did it. The military, the police, the fire department stayed and the civilians came out safely.”

Biden, however, ‘had it reversed,” Giuliani insisted. “That’s why we had 13 people killed in Afghanistan.”