Fuel Tanker Fire Causes Overpass Collapse In Philadelphia

A fuel tanker that caught on fire caused the collapse of part of I-95 in Philadelphia Sunday. Dramatic footage showed the collapse of a highway overpass caused by the inferno.

Fortunately, the fire and the collapse caused no reported injuries. Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) said that there was an ongoing effort to determine if there was anyone trapped due to the situation.

The fire and resulting crash caused a two-mile exclusion zone around the incident and commuters were advised to use detours away from the highway.

The situation still remained “fluid” later on Sunday, according to Mayor Jim Kenney (D).

The governor said that the effort to fix the highway would take months and that his office planned to issue a disaster declaration.

One city official told local press that the highway was “compromised” due to the heat caused by the blaze.

A spokesperson for the city said that the “fire is under control and City and state agencies are responding to address impacts to residents in the area and travelers affected by the road closure.”

Public officials also announced that Philadelphia would utilize rail resources to attempt to handle the changes in traffic.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden had “been briefed” and that the White House was in contact with the governor and the mayor.

In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board announced an investigation into the fire and collapse alongside the Pennsylvania State Police.

The fire also caused significant concerns over air quality, with areas of southwest Pennsylvania being placed under a “code orange,” describing air that is unhealthy for the sick, the elderly and children.

Furthermore, there are fears about water quality, since the tanker also leaked up to 8,500 gallons of gasoline, though the Coast Guard told CBS News that this was mostly confined near the site of the fire.

However, a Philadelphia Water Department official said Sunday that there were “no concerns of any environmental impact.”

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