Founder Of Pastors For Trump Says He Will Not Abandon Trump

Founder of Pastors for Trump, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, has reiterated his commitment to former President Donald Trump. In an op-ed for the Gateway Pundit, Lahmeyer said he will not abandon Trump even as other prominent Christian leaders are leaving the former president’s side.

Lahmeyer described Trump, during his first term, as a “man of action” on behalf of conservative Christian values. Lahmeyer pointed to Trump’s nomination of conservative Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade and how he moved the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem as some of the reasons he would not abandon the former president.

Lahmeyer said he launched the Pastors for Trump movement to show Trump that the American people are ready for his return to the oval office in 2024.

“President Trump was the most pro-Christian President we have seen in our lifetime. He promised during his first campaign to protect our children, waged an earthly and spiritual war during his time in the White House to do the same, and will do so again in his second term,” Lahmeyer wrote.

Lahmeyer cited a Business Insider report that revealed several Christian leaders have not only abandoned Trump but are now actively working against him. Jackson accused those leaders of suffering from short-term memory loss.

Lahmeyer, a businessman and former Oklahoma U.S. Senate candidate, launched the Pastor for Trump movement to connect Christian faith leaders with the America First movement.

The movement, which has a chapter in each state, is backed by dozens of Christian pastors with over 200,000 congregants and aims to gather support amongst Christian communities for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

According to Yahoo News, Lahmeyer created the movement to recognize the efforts of millions of Christians across the U.S. in the political process and to provide a way to advocate for issues such as marriage, freedom of speech, and personal responsibility.

“It is more important now than ever to reaffirm the strength of the Christian faith and our willingness to support President Trump in his fight to return to the Oval Office,” Lahmeyer said.

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