Former White House Press Secretary Signs With NBC

To the surprise of no one, Joe Biden’s ex-minister of propaganda is coming back to the TV screen. The news became official after Jen Psaki tweeted a picture of her new NBC Universal I.D. badge.

There will be no learning curve for Psaki considering the White House Press Secretary and NBC news anchor have identical job descriptions. Twitter has been quick to reiterate that point.

Concealing the truth and creating false narratives is the name of the game. Psaki is a seasoned vet at both. Carrying water every day for a president who can barely think is no small task. Say what you will, but Jen Psaki is good at her profession.

Our blood is chilled by Psaki’s snarky appearance, but democrats adore her. I’m sure there was quite a bidding war to attain her services.

Another well-known name in liberal media recently landed on his feet. Brian Stelter, who was recently canned by CNN, was granted a fellowship by Harvard University. He’s already back to his old ways, regurgitating the same talking points for a different master. Never forget his confrontation with a college student.

This is how the democratic machine works. Be a team player, and when the dust settles, you’ll find yourself with a six-figure media gig. It’s how that loyalty is ensured in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a politician, part of an administration, military brass, or already working in a newsroom. There’s always a place in the left-wing media realm for anyone shameless and career-minded enough to lie on national television for a living.

Thinking for yourself isn’t easy. In fact, most prefer being told what to think. Psaki and those of her kind will always have an audience ready to treat her words as fact. The only counter-move is for conservative media to relentlessly seek the truth, exposing their lies one at a time.

We knew this day would come, but it’s officially time to start bracing for Jen Psaki’s return. The bright side is she’s working for NBC. Unless she’s in the booth for Sunday Night Football, we’ll be seeing less of her than when she was press secretary.

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