Former CIA Head Brennan Implicated In Explosive Durham Report

The Durham Report laid bare the complicity of both federal officials and the mainstream media in spoon feeding the public their groundless hysteria. And few were implicated by the findings more than former CIA head John Brennan.

The Russian “collusion” narrative was phony, as anyone in power who took the time to check would quickly realize. Instead, faulty evidence was treated as the truth while findings that disproved presumptions were ignored.

Brennan was presented rock solid evidence early on that the inquiry was nothing more than a con and a witch hunt.

However, that did not impede him from taking to the airwaves and internet for years to spout unfounded charges that the 2016 Donald Trump for President campaign was firmly in the Kremlin’s pockets.

The Durham Report clearly laid out how Brennan and his associates had convincing evidence to the contrary. Early on he was forced to admit that “they found no conspiracy.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller also found a void of evidence of any collusion between Trump’s campaign for the White House and foreign actors.

That did not stop Brennan from telling MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, of all people, that he “suspected there was more to the charges than Mueller had found.

But now there’s the Durham Report to back up what most have long suspected — the whole Russia collusion hoax was dreamed up by the Hillary Clinton campaign and propagated by willing and weaponized federal actors.

Durham, undoubtedly with Brennan in mind, wrote that federal agencies discounted and disregarded evidence that pointed away from Democratic accusations. He observed a “pattern of assuming nefarious intent.”

Brennan, it should be noted, on a different occasion signed a letter alleging that the New York Post’s bombshell revelation of the Hunter Biden laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

How partisan was Brennan?

The House Judiciary Committee discovered an email sent in Oct. 2020 leading up to the final presidential debate between Trump and Biden.

It originated from CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, who was reportedly assisting the Biden camp in providing ammunition against the sitting president. In it, Morell asked Brennan to sign on to the letter claiming “disinformation.”

Brennan’s reply? “Ok, Michael, add my name to the list. Good initiative. Thanks for asking me to sign on.”

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