Fears Grow Of Potential Chinese Infiltration Along Southern Border

The perceived lack of border enforcement under President Joe Biden has led not only to a spike in attempts to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, but also fear that agents of the Chinese Communist Party may also be entering the United States. These concerns were highlighted in a recent interview with foreign policy expert Gordon Chang.

Chang told Newsmax that the wave of recent migrants indicates that agents of the Chinese government are likely crossing into the United States. According to Chang, a number of males of military age are attempting to cross the southern border.

“That, to me, suggests either People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents,” he said.

Chang also warned that if China went to war in the future, “we are going to see it fought on American soil because they’ll turn off our lights, turn off the water, and these guys coming across the border are going to be detonating bombs and creating havoc.”

Chang said that internal Chinese problems are pushing more migrants to the United States, but “in that flow, I am sure that there are saboteurs.”

The comments underline considerable concern that the People’s Republic is taking advantage of lax American border security. The United States saw a sharp increase in border arrests last year as attempted crossings have increased since President Biden took office in 2021.

Furthermore, some of those detained at the southern border have been hardened criminals. Customs and Border Patrol has stopped nearly 100 people on the terrorist watchlist from entering the country.

Chinese migrants are disproportionately represented among the recent waves of migrants on the southern border.

The number of such migrants apprehended by American officials more than doubled from all of 2022. That year saw just under 2,000 such apprehensions. In the short period of 2023 so far, more than 4,000 Chinese migrants have been caught.

The situation has become so acute that even some Democrats on Capitol Hill are recognizing the potential danger. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX), who represents a stretch of the southern border said that “the word is out” that “if you can get to our southern border, you have a pretty good shot at getting in, and it has changed the demographics.”

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